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AP Language Unit 3 2015-16

Page history last edited by Kimberly Davis 4 years, 7 months ago

Unit 3: We Judge, Therefore We Are


Extended Literary Text:

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain


Monday 11/9/15

Wednesday 11/11/15

Friday 11/13/15 


Tuesday 11/17/15

Thursday 11/19/15




Monday 11/30/15

Wednesday 12/2/15

Friday 12/4/15


Tuesday 12/8/15

Thursday 12/10/15


Monday 12/14/15

  • MID-COURSE ASSESSMENT: AP Exam (Free-Response Questions 2 & 3)  

Wednesday 12/16/15

  • MID-COURSE ASSESSMENT: AP Exam (Multiple Choice and Free-Response Question 1) 

Friday 12/18/15


Wednesday 1/06/16

Friday 1/08/16


Tuesday 1/12/16

  • ASSESSMENT 3:  Socratic seminar (organizer, rubric)
  • Boyd's Room: todaysmeet.com/APLangSocSem1reasonB, todaysmeet.com/APLangSocSem7reasonB
  • Davis's Room: todaysmeet.com/APLangSocSem1reasonD, todaysmeet.com/APLangSocSem7reasonD

Thursday 1/14/16 


Tuesday 1/19/16

  • AP Exam Boot Camp: multiple-choice analysis of passage 1 of AP practice exam (answer choice types, best answer evidence, question/passage annotation)
  • HOMEWORK: multiple-choice answer-choice analysis for passage 2 of AP practice exam (answer choice types)

Thursday 1/21/16


Monday 1/25/16

  • ASSESSMENT:  Membeam individualized quiz
  • AP Exam Boot Camp: multiple-choice practice (strategies)  

Wednesday 1/27/16

Friday 1/29/16


Tuesday 2/02/16

  • ASSESSMENT 4: AP Exam multiple choice (2014 AP Exam MC 44-55) 
  • INDEPENDENT WORK: Membeam vocabulary practice (45 minutes minimum due by Friday)  

Thursday 2/04/16

  • INDEPENDENT WORK: Membeam vocabulary practice (45 minutes minimum due by Friday)


Monday 2/08/16


Wednesday 2/10/16


Friday 2/12/16


WINTER BREAK WEEK (2/13 through 2/22)


As you work on your projects over the break, remember these traits that will be considered during the grading process.



Meeting the Standard

Rhetorical Analysis

The students will display a command of rhetorical analysis by examining and explaining the rhetorical choices present in their various sources, and clearly conveying the impact those choices are intended to have upon their audience. The effect on the audience is explicitly tied to the author’s overall message.

Focus on Central Topic

The product maintains consistent focus on the topic to be examined. Analysis and discussion center on how the topic is portrayed in Twain’s work and modern media. The product also examines and proposes reasons why the central topic is still relevant in today’s society.

Variety of Sources

The sources examined represent a variety of formats and styles.

Digital Media

Digital resources are used to research, create, and deliver the product. The final product is complete in itself, and does not require outside intervention or sources to be fully understood.

Appropriate Presentation Style

The format and style of the final product purposefully supports greater understanding of the topic; a wide range of rhetorical strategies and resources are used to enhance and strengthen the product’s message.



Wednesday 2/24/16

Friday 2/26/16


Tuesday 3/1/16


Thursday 3/3/16



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