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AP English Lit Unit 1

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Family Bonds and Binds

Extended Texts:

Poisonwood Bible (Barbara Kingsolver) [online text of Book I] AND Fences (August Wilson)


Essential Questions:

  • How do individuals’ family and upbringing shape their personality?
  • How are parents affected by their obligations to their children?
  • How does the conflict within a family shape the characters of the individual members?
  • How does a literary work reveal truths about the human condition—across cultures, time periods, and genres?
  • How is theme the foundation of effective literary analysis?
  • How do the details an author chooses to incorporate into a work contribute to theme?


Week of 6 August

  • M 8/6/12  tone vocabulary group 1; group analysis of "Did I Miss Anything?" (poem text, TPCASTT, DIDLS)
  • Tu 8/7/12  diagnostic assessment: AP English Literature exam multiple-choice and free-response essay (essay rubric); student information sheet
  • W 8/8/12  theme statement workshop with "Did I Miss Anything?" (theme statement template); Colors personality assessment (instructions); drafting of personal narrative (Topic: How has your family shaped your personality?)
  • F 8/10/12  introduction to The Poisonwood Bible and reading of Book I (allusion notes); discussion of Frankenstein summer reading assignment and sample analysis (instructions

Week of 13 August

  • M 8/13/12  tone vocabulary group 2; peer review and teacher conferences of summer reading assignment (instructions)
  • Tu 8/14/12  return of diagnostic assessment (multiple-choice questions and poetry free-response essay); discussion of literary devices (point of view, structure, tone); reading and analysis of AP English Litertaure Exam sample essays (rubric); self-assessment and self-scoring of free-response diagnostic essay
  • W 8/15/12   analysis of "Digging" and "On My First Son" (10 steps of poetry analysis, theme statement template)
  • F 8/17/12  ASSESSMENT 1 Part 1 DUE (summer reading assignment instructions); ASSESSMENT 1 Part 2: SAT-style sentence-completion vocabulary quiz with Frankenstein vocabulary (flashcards) 

Week of 20 August

  • M 8/20/12   tone vocabulary group 3; The Poisonwood Bible Book One: Genesis DUE; The Poisonwood Bible epigraph textual evidence activity (instructions)
  • Tu 8/21/12 The Poisonwood Bible multiple-choice diagnostic; The Poisonwood Bible and "The Things They Carried" (text of story) small-group close reading and analysis (instructions); "The Things They Carried" theme statements (theme statement template);
  • W 8/22/12 close reading and analysis of "A Story"; close reading, literary terminology, and multiple-choice strategies with The Poisonwood Bible multiple-choice; continued analysis of "Digging" and "On My First Son" (10 steps of poetry analysis, theme statement template)    
  • F 8/24/12 small-group poetry analysis (thematically-linked poems selected by students); The Poinsonwood Bible multiple-choice practice

Week of 27 August

  •  M 8/27/12  tone vocabulary group 4 & 5; small-group choice of thematically-linked poem from class anthology AND analysis (including title, structure, shifts, figurative language, imagery, tone, and theme)
  • Tu 8/28/12  AP English Literature Student Learning Objective diagnostic assessment (Henry County requirement)
  • W 8/29/12 The Poisonwood Bible Book Two: The Revelation DUE; class discussion of novel; conferencing and peer review of "A Story" essay (rubric, tone vocaublary)  
  • F 8/31/12   ASSESSMENT 2 DUE (revision of 2011 AP Exam FRQ poetry essay: Li's "A Story"); summer reading revision assignment independent work (instructions)

Week of 4 September

  • Tu 9/4/12  summer reading revision assignment DUE (instructions); AP Exam prose prompt timed essay; class discussion of prompt and rubric; small-group evaluation of sample essays; self-assessment of students' essays
  • W 9/5/12  The Poisonwood Bible Book Three: Judges (through page 287) DUE; class discussion of student-created questions (levels of complex questions)
  • F 9/7/12  multiple-choice questions from The Poisonwood Bible Book Three: Judges; multiple-choice questions from 1994 AP Exam prose section (James Baldwin novel)

Week of 10 September

  • M 9/10/12 prose prompt from 1986 AP Exam (Dickens' Dombey and Son) 
  • Tu 9/11/12 multiple-choice questions about Dickens' Dombey and Son prose passage; Voice Lessons diction activities 
  • W 9/12/12 The Poisonwood Bible Book Four: Bel and the Serpent DUE; The Poisonwood Bible small-group character body maps (instructions); multiple-choice questions from 1994 AP Exam (Thackeray passage)
  • F 9/14/12  ASSESSMENT 3: in-class comparison analysis of sisters in The Poisonwood Bible

Week of 17 September

  • M 9/17/12  reading and discussion of Fences Act 1, Scene 1; "Death ain't nothing.  I done seen him." with Denzel Washington as Troy (YouTube clip)
  • Tu 9/18/12  tone vocabulary group 6;reading and discussion of Fences Act 1, Scenes 1 & 2; discussion of play's historical context; sentence composition with tone vocabulary group 6 and Fences charactersanalysis of setting and stage directions (instructions)
  • W 9/19/12  reading and discussion of Fences Act 1, Scene 3; "How come you ain't never liked me?" scene with Denzel Washington as Troy (YouTube clip) and James Earl Jones as Troy (YouTube clip); "I don't want him to be like me!" with with Denzel Washington as Troy (YouTube clip  
  • F 9/21/12   reading and discussion of Fences Act 1, Scene 4; small-group analysis activity (change in tone); discussion of The Poisonwood Bible returned essays (8, 7, 6 score student sample responses; rubric)

Week of 24 September

  • FALL BREAK for Luella High School students

Week of 1 October

  • M 10/1/12  reading and discussion of Fences Act 2, Scene 1
  • Tu 10/2/12  reading and discussion of Fences Act 2, Scenes 2-5; tone vocabulary group 7small-group activity (play's chronology and research into Civil Rights Movement historical context
  • W 10/3/12  AP Exam open FRQ introduction paragraph (baseball or fence as symbol) 
  • F 10/5/12   ASSESSMENT 4: AP Exam FRQ open prompt in-class essay about Fences

Week of 8 October

 Week of 8 October

  • M 10/15/12   ALL revisions due for progress reports


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