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Honors Eng 10 Unit 1

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At War with Ourselves and Others


Extended Texts:

Things Fall Apart (Achebe) AND Macbeth (Shakespeare)

Vocabulary from Things Fall Apart and Macbeth

Reading Due Dates for Things Fall Apart and Macbeth













Week of 6 August


Week of 13 August

  • M 8/13/12  small-group reading and analysis of war speeches; practice performance of war speech (group's choice); discussion of Assessment 1 (instructions, rubric); HOMEWORK--drafting of Assessment 1
  • Tu 8/14/12 OR Th 8/16/12 (block) drafting of Assessment 1 (instructions, rubric); reading of Things Fall Apart Part I, chapters 1-6 (pages 3-51); HOMEWORK--revison of Assessment 1 and reading of Things Fall Apart 
  • W 8/15/12  Things Fall Apart Part I, chapters 1-6 (pages 3-51) DUE  (reading due dates); analysis tasks (instructions, vocabulary); HOMEWORK--revison of Assessment 1 and completion of Things Fall Apart analysis activities
  • F 8/17/12    peer review and conferencing of Assessment 1 (instructions, rubric); HOMEWORK--final revision of Assessment 1 and reading of Things Fall Apart


Week of 20 August


Week of 27 August

  • M 8/27/12   analysis of college application personal narrative about Scrabble; drafting and conferencing of SOPHOMORE personal narrative (topic, rubric); HOMEWORK--complete draft of SOPHOMORE personal narrative
  • Tu 8/28/12 OR Th 8/30/12 (block) Student Learning Objective diagnostic assessment (Henry County requirement)
  • W 8/29/12  peer review and self-assessment of personal narrative (narrative rubric)HOMEWORK--complete final draft of SOPHOMORE personal narrative
  • F 8/31/12    peer review and self-assessment of personal narrative (narrative rubric); HOMEWORK--complete final draft of SOPHOMORE personal narrativeintroduction to Macbeth


Week of 4 September


Week of 10 September


Week of 17 September

  • M 9/17/12 close-reading analysis of scene from Macbeth (pre-assessment); reading, viewing, and discussion of Macbeth Act 3 (Macbeth quotations)
  • Tu 9/18/12 OR Th 9/20/12 reading, viewing, and discussion of Macbeth Acts 3 & 4 (Macbeth quotations)
  • W 9/19/12 Things Fall Apart Part 3 (pages 171-209, chapters 20-25) DUE; small-group character analysis activity (instructions)
  • F 9/21/12  Things Fall Apart small-group character analysis activity (instructions); discussion of narrative essay revisions; discussion of Assessment 4 (Things Fall Apart essay topic); discussion of Unit 1 bonus portfolio (details)


Week of 24 September  FALL BREAK


Week of 1 October 

  • M 10/1/12 reading, viewing, and discussion of Macbeth Act 5 (Macbeth quotations); discussion of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's internal conflict
  • Tu 10/2/12 OR Th 10/4/12 PSAT practice packet; preparation for Macbeth in-class essay (topic, outline guide, quotations); teacher conferencing about Things Fall Apart essay (topic)
  • W 10/3/12 discussion of Unit 1 FINAL ASSESSMENTpreparation for Macbeth in-class essay (topic, outline guide, quotations); teacher conferencing about Things Fall Apart essay (topic)
  • F 10/5/12 Unit 1 Assessment 4 DUE (Things Fall Apart essay) and Assessment 5 DUE at end of class (Macbeth in-class essay)


Week of 8 October 


Week of 15 October

  • M 10/15/12  Unit 1 FINAL ASSESSMENT DUEclass time to work on revisions; ALL revision work for progress report DUE at end of class
  • Tu 10/16/12  Unit 1 bonus portfolio DUE (details) 


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