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AP English Lit Unit 2

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UNIT 2: 

Manipulation and Betrayal

Extended Texts


Essential Questions:

  • How and why do human beings manipulate others for their own gain?
  • How does an antagonist devise the manipulation and downfall of a tragic figure?
  • How do writers in different genres and literary time periods reveal the effects of betrayal and manipulation on the individual? 
  • How do literary works reflect complexity of tone through their textual detail, literary devices, and overall structure?


Week of 15 October


Week of 22 October

  • M 10/22/12  As I Lay Dying pages 3-52 DUE (last line: "Addie Bundren is dead"); tone vocabulary group 9 
  • Tu 10/23/12 viewing and discussion of Act 2 (1995 Fishburne & Branaugh Othello Part 3, Part 4Part 5) 
  • W 10/24/12  AP Exam multiple-choice poetry questions (from 1991 and 1994 exams); class time to work on poetry portfolio project (instructions) 
  • F 10/26/12  Assessment 1 DUE at end of class: poetry FRQ in-class timed essay 


Week of 29 October

Week of 5 November


Week of 12 November

  • M 11/12/12  As I Lay Dying pages 100-151 DUE (last line: "I began to run along the bank, watching the mules dive up slow again and then down again."); tone vocabulary group 12
  • Tu 11/13/12 viewing and discussion of Acts 4 & 5 (1995 Fishburne & Branaugh Othello)  
  • W 11/14/12   class time to work on poetry portfolio project (instructions, rubric)
  • F 11/16/12  Assessment 2 DUE: poetry portfolio project (instructionsrubric); practice for final exam part 1


Week of 19 November



Week of 26 November

  • M 11/26/12  BONUS FRQ DUE (instructions); As I Lay Dying pages 152-205 DUE (last line: "'That's a fact,' he said."); tone vocabulary group 13; discussion of Othello motif project instructions and rubric (instructionsrubric)  
  • Tu 11/27/12 class time to work on Othello motif project (instructionsrubric) 
  • W 11/28/12  class time to work on Othello motif project (instructionsrubric)  
  • F 11/30/12   Assessment 3 DUE: Othello motif project (instructionsrubric); archetype self-test; discussion of As I Lay Dying characters as archetypes


Week of 3 December

  • M 12/03/12  As I Lay Dying pages 206-262 DUE (last line: ""'Meet Mrs. Bundren,' he says.); activities and discussion of As I Lay Dying as a comedy
  • Tu 12/04/12 tone vocabulary group 14As I Lay Dying multiple-choice questions small-group analysis (Applied Practice passages 11 and 12); lesson on archetypes and connections to As I Lay Dying (hero archetypesnotes on archetypes) 
  • W 12/05/12 As I Lay Dying multiple-choice questions (Applied Practice passages 9 and 10); time to work on As I Lay Dying Epic Comic Journey project (instructions, rubric, alternative Addie's Coffin rubrictopic sentence template, hero archetypes)  
  • F 12/07/12  REVISIONS DUE; AP Exam open FRQ practice in preparation for final exam (prompts)


Week of 10 December


Week of 17 December

  • M 12/17/12   preparation and review for final exam (small-group work on AP Exam FRQ open prompts and tone vocabulary)

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