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AP English Lit Unit 3

Page history last edited by Lisa Boyd 7 years, 7 months ago

UNIT 3: 

Hypocrisy and Facade


Extended Texts


Essential Questions:

  • Is hypocrisy inherent to human nature?
  • How does hypocrisy reveal the complexity of human nature? 
  • Is civilization simply a façade that masks the savagery of humans?
  • In the face of the savage reality of human behavior, why do people continue to pursue the concept of civilization?
  • What is the truth of the darkness at the heart of civilization and the civilized human being? 
  • Why is deception and lying not only socially acceptable but sometimes necessary?
  • Do absolute or universal truths exist?  How does perspective shape or alter truth?
  • Why do authors contrast an isolated character against his society?
  • What techniques do authors employ to subtlety critique society? 


Week of January 7 (no class on Monday)

  • Tu 01/08/13 Voice Lessons Detail (Macauly’s “Samuel Johnson”); 1983 AP Exam MC (Sir William from Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway
  • W 01/09/13 Assessment 1, Part 1: AP Exam prose FRQ 1 timed-writing  
  • Th 01/10/13 discussion of sample essays for AP Exam prose FRQ essay 
  • F 01/11/13  Voice Lessons Detail (Hardy’s Mayor of Casterbridge); Assessment 2, Part 1: AP Exam multiple-choice passage 1 (12 questions)  


Week of January 14

  •  M 01/14/13  Voice Lessons Detail (Williams’s Suddenly Last Summer); Assessment 2, Part 2: AP Exam multiple-choice passage 2 (9 questions)
  • Tu 01/15/13  Voice Lessons Detail (Morrison’s The Bluest Eye); Assessment 2, Part 3: AP Exam multiple-choice passage 3 (13 questions)
  • W 01/16/13 Assessment 1, Part 1: AP Exam prose FRQ 2 timed-writing and discussion of sample essays
  • F 01/18/13 Voice Lessons Detail (Orwell’s “Shooting an Elephant”); Assessment 2, Part 4: AP Exam multiple-choice passage 4 (10 questions)


Week of January 21 (no class on Monday)


Week of January 28

  • M 01/28/13 close reading and discussion of Heart of Darkness chapter 1; introduction to Imperialism (imagesnotes)
  • Tu 01/29/13 close reading and discussion of Heart of Darkness chapter 1 (passages selected and questions posed by students); Applied Practice MC Heart of Darkness chapter 1
  • W 01/30/13 Assessment 2: revision of AP Exam multiple-choice questions (AP Exam MC score conversion) 
  • F 02/01/13 Assessment 1, Part 2: AP Exam prose FRQ 3 timed-writing 


Week of February 4

  • M 02/04/13  reading and discussion of Gibson’s “Billiards”; introduction to Freudian psycheclose reading and discussion of Heart of Darkness chapter 1 (passages selected and questions posed by students)
  • Tu 02/05/13  Heart of Darkness chapter 1 (pages 1-27) DUE; chapter 1 quotations for close analysis 
  • Th 02/07/13  REWRITE of Assessment 1, Part 2: AP Exam prose FRQ 3 timed-writing; analysis of Imperialism images (instructions, images)
  • F 02/08/13  Assessment 3, Part 1: Heart of Darkness chapter 1 close-reading analysis


Week of February 11

  • M 02/11/13  close reading of Heart of Darkness chapter 2; Applied Practice MC Heart of Darkness chapter 2
  • Tu 02/12/13  close reading of Heart of Darkness chapter 2; Applied Practice MC Heart of Darkness chapter 2; preparation for chapter 2 discussion (discussion requirements)
  • W 02/13/13  Heart of Darkness chapter 2 (pages 27-50) DUE; Applied Practice MC Heart of Darkness chapter 2; discussion of chapter 3 (discussion requirements)
  • F 02/15/13 mini-lesson of essay writing (PPT on thesis, use of evidence, and verbs); Assessment 3, Part 2: Heart Darkness chapter 2 close reading analysis 


Week of February 18 (WINTER BREAK)


Week of February 25

  • M 02/25/13 close reading and discussion of Heart of Darkness chapter 3 (passages selected and questions posed by students)
  • Tu 02/26/13 Assessment 4, Part 1: Applied Practice multiple-choice questions about passages from Heart of Darkness chapter 3
  • W 02/27/13 Great Books video about Heart of Darkness; small-group work on poetry analysis and theme (students select from a packet of poems thematically related to Heart of Darkness including Robinson’s “Richard Cory”, Eliot’s “The Hollow Men”, Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden”, Johnson’s “The Black Man’s Burden”, Lawrence “How Beastly Is the Bourgeois”)
  • F 03/01/13 Assessment 3, Part 3: Heart Darkness chapter 3 close reading analysis  


Week of March 4


Week of March 11

  • M 03/11/13 The Misanthrope Act 4 (pages 33-41); vocabularyfour humours PPT  
  • Tu 03/12/13 The Misanthrope Act 5 (pages 43-52); vocabularyfour humours PPT
  • W 03/13/13 discussion of The Misanthrope themes (theme statement template); The Misanthrope character analysis (instructions); bonus analysis of Assessment 4 Part 1 (Heart of Darkness multiple-choice)
  • F 03/15/13 bonus analysis of Assessment 4 Part 1 DUE ; discussion of "Tell All the Truth" and "The World is Too Much with Us"; The Misanthrope and Heart of Darkness theme and quotation comparison


Week of March 18

  • M 03/18/13  2012 AP Exam open FRQ Heart of Darkness College Board sample essay scoring
  • Tu 03/19/13  Assessment 5: The Misanthrope AP Exam open FRQ essay
  • W 03/20/13  small-group poetry multiple-choice analysis

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