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LHS English Department interview performance tasks

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Complete the two performance tasks, and submit your responses into this Google Form.


Task 1: Formative Assessment and Teacher Commentary

Below are a formative assessment and student sample essays for twelfth grade British Literature. Examine the performance indicators for Competency Standard 1 and the task students were asked to complete as outlined in the formative assessment.  Then, evaluate the student sample essays.  These essays convey information about students’ progress toward mastery.  Assess each student’s level of mastery for each performance indicator and provide feedback to the student.  Then, considering the patterns you see in these essays, determine modifications necessary to instruction and potential differentiation. 


Task 2: Personalized Learning Constructed Response


Luella High School plans to implement a personalized learning model beginning next school year. Read the following articles and examine the LHS Personalized Learning Model.


Identify any areas of strength in which you would be contribute to a collaborative team of teachers as part of LHS's personalized learning initiative. Also identify areas of weakness in which you may need additional support from faculty and/or professional learning. Support your response by detailing relevant examples from your continued education and teaching experience. 



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